This Breakfast Will Keep You Full Till Lunch

I’ve got a craving-buster recipe for you today that you are going to love. It’s a breakfast recipe but it’s great for any time of the day. That’s because it not only tastes great but has plenty of protein and fiber in it – which means it’s going to keep you feeling full and satisfied […]

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This Is Secretly Telling You What To Eat

What if I told you that there are powerful forces at work telling you what to eat – without you even knowing it. And what if I also told you that these forces are influencing your choices every day … from INSIDE YOUR BODY! No, I am not talking about advertising or some super-secret conspiracy […]

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Don’t Think About This Today

Thinking About Kittens

I’ve got a quick one for you today that might just change how you look at certain foods, especially your craving-trigger foods. Which, if you’re like a lot of people, you try your best to avoid thinking about at all! Have you ever had someone tell you NOT to think about something? Like, right now: […]

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Try This After Your Next Sleepless Night

We’ve all been there… You have a cruddy night of sleep and the whole next day, you want to eat ALL the food, and for some reason, you never actually feel full or satisfied. Did you know that not getting enough sleep is one of the top reasons you could be having cravings? I’m going to break it […]

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How To Deal With Nighttime Cravings

This month we are taking a deep dive into CRAVINGS and there’s a definite time of day they seem to strike the most… At night! In my latest ebook, Crush Your Cravings, I talk about a lot of physical, emotional, and lifestyle causes of cravings. Download your free copy here: Crush Your Cravings There are […]

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5 of My Favorite Uses for Mint


Let’s talk about mint. I could share so many more uses, from hot tea to bug repellent, but am going to stick with 5 of my favorites today! MINT INFUSED WATEREvery month I try to choose a few healthy habits to focus on. This month, increasing my water intake is one of them! Adding flavor […]

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Stay At Home Work At Home

Yikes! This Stay At Home Order has almost all of us working from home, and for many, this is not the norm. For a week or two, a laptop at the kitchen table isn’t so bad, I have done it, but with the Stay At Home Order being extended, I am guessing this isn’t working […]

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Coping In The Midst of Chaos

Jen and Puppies Out For A Run

I hope you are well and staying safe. Life in Washington is a little unsettling right now, as I know it is across the country. Along with many, I have chosen to self-isolate and now I have friends and family in California that are having the choice made for them. I anticipate that it will […]

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