Did someone say edible cookie dough?

Healthy Edible Cookie Dough

Have you checked out the edible cookie dough trend yet? Some of the recipes and mixes out there are DELICIOUS! They also contain some questionable ingredients, a ton of hidden sugar, and many also include hard-to-find specialty items. But not the recipe I am going to share with you today! It’s fast, easy, and you might already […]

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7 Ways To Boost Your Immune System

Is your December off to a fantastic start? Are you carving out some “you” time to enjoy your favorite activities during the holidays? Giving yourself the gift of good health is a great way to start… and I’ve got some tips for you on boosting your immune system NATURALLY. BONUS: This has a spillover effect […]

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My Favorite 7 Word Question

7 Word Questions

I have a 7-word question for you today. It’s short, sweet, and asking it will help you finish the year feeling strong and in control. Even better, it will help you build momentum into 2021. Here it is… EVERY TIME you are faced with a temptation that will pull you off track with your health and […]

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Is today your day one?

Jennifer Robinson at the gym

I have a little challenge for you that can change your day (and week) for the better. With this topsy-turvy year, one of the many lessons has been that there’s uncertainty in life.  One day, or day one. You decide. If you’re waiting for SOMEDAY to start taking care of yourself – well, that day […]

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How Working Out Will Help Boost Your Immune System

Controversy alert today! If this year has taught us anything, it has been how important it is to be PROACTIVE and take charge of your personal HEALTH and HAPPINESS as much as possible. We have heard a lot about preventing the spread of illnesses this year, but one thing that we haven’t heard much about is strengthening your […]

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What If You Start Right Now?

Jennifer Robinson

I’ve got a BIG question for you today. Before I ask it, I want you to fire up your imagination. One year from now, if you had an AMAZING year and were all-in on your goals, how do YOU want to feel when it comes to your health and fitness? I’m talking about your health, energy, […]

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This Index Can Predict Your Cravings

Since we’ve been talking about cravings this month, and one of the reasons we can have certain cravings is because of the foods we eat, we need to talk about the glycemic index (GI). It can play a BIG role in your cravings! We don’t generally pay a lot of attention to it. For example, […]

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This Is Secretly Telling You What To Eat

What if I told you that there are powerful forces at work telling you what to eat – without you even knowing it. And what if I also told you that these forces are influencing your choices every day … from INSIDE YOUR BODY! No, I am not talking about advertising or some super-secret conspiracy […]

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Don’t Think About This Today

Thinking About Kittens

I’ve got a quick one for you today that might just change how you look at certain foods, especially your craving-trigger foods. Which, if you’re like a lot of people, you try your best to avoid thinking about at all! Have you ever had someone tell you NOT to think about something? Like, right now: […]

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