I hope you are well and staying safe. Life in Washington is a little unsettling right now, as I know it is across the country. Along with many, I have chosen to self-isolate and now I have friends and family in California that are having the choice made for them. I anticipate that it will be that way here very soon.

So, what is my approach? How am I coping amidst all the chaos? As many of you know, and some may not, I have bipolar disorder and my mental wellness is always at the forefront of my mind. 2019 was a very hard year for me, but I made it through and am stronger and healthier now than I ever have been before. I plan on doing my best to keep it that way!

There are four areas of my life that I must keep in balance, and all are equally important. Moving my body every single day, eating healthy and staying hydrated, spending time meditating and connecting with source energy, and last but certainly not least, taking my medication and talking with my therapist.

Mental illness is real. It affects more people that we can even imagine and now, it will likely reach unprecedented levels. Take care of yourself. Nourish your body and mind. If you are healthy physically, emotionally and spiritually, you will make better choices and have so much more to give to others in this very difficult time.