Let’s talk about mint. I could share so many more uses, from hot tea to bug repellent, but am going to stick with 5 of my favorites today!

Fresh Mint Plant
    Every month I try to choose a few healthy habits to focus on. This month, increasing my water intake is one of them! Adding flavor to my water can be super helpful and mint is one of my favorites! It is so refreshing. For a mild minty flavor, I infuse it with fresh mint leaves. For a stronger flavor, a drop of peppermint oil is perfection. It is also super convenient! It is a little challenging to carry fresh mint with you when you are on the go.
    I often refer to my mint plant as a Mojito plant because Mojito Cocktails are amazing and yes, they use a lot of mint! This Mojito Cocktail Recipe from Bacardi is my go-to and bonus, you can learn about the history of Mojito’s at the same time!

It is the destiny of mint to be crushed.

Waverley Root
    This one is so simple and yet so delicious! Add fresh mint to diced watermelon. I got this idea while visiting my friend Heather in California recently. It is the perfect hot summer day snack! You can follow her on Instagram @junkdrawergypsy.
Diced Watermelon With Fresh Mint
    This is a personal favorite of mine. Add a leaf or two of fresh mint to your coffee while it brews. I use a Keurig (with a refillable pod) and just add the leaves right to my cup. Prefer iced coffee? Make it extra strong, let it cool and poor it over ice. And yes… if you like cream and sugar in your coffee, they will be a delicious addition! Just like with the water, a drop of peppermint oil will give you an extra minty and oh-so-good flavor.
    Need some extra help waking up in the morning or an afternoon pick me up? Peppermint oil just might be your new go to. Put a dab on the back of your neck or temples when you first wake up, or just open the lid and inhale. A few deep breathes will be invigorating. This is also great in the afternoon to give yourself a little energy boost. Of course, a few drops in the diffuser is lovely too.
DoTERRA Peppermint Essential Oil

Fresh mint can be found at the grocery store and is also super easy to grow. Be careful where you plant it though, it will take over!

Essential oils are amazing too. I love them. LOVE THEM. Check out DoTERRA’s Peppermint Oil for a high quality oil that can be used internally and topically. You will also find a ton of information on additional health benefits and uses.

Share time!! Do you use fresh mint or peppermint oil? What are your favorite ways to use it?